Faith and Change

Do you remember when you came to faith? Perhaps you have been a Christian for many years, or perhaps you are a recent convert. Your faith in Jesus Christ is what gives you meaning in life and hope for the future. But, it feels like your spiritual journey is becoming increasingly difficult. Our modern culture is so divided and Christianity can feel more like a political brand to divide us, than the Good News that is the hope of the world.

Our culture changes so rapidly. Some changes are positive, such as educational opportunities, career opportunities, and respect and value for diverse people. Some changes have not been positive, such as a devaluing of human dignity through pornography, increasing conflict and tribalism, and loss of religious communities as church attendance rates continue to decline.

The Gospel message has not changed. The best and only hope for the world is faith in Jesus Christ. The purpose of Faith and Change is to provide you with resources to encourage you on your spiritual journey and equip you to thrive during transition.